Parking Area Lighting Solutions

Garage Lighting Solutions

Parking garages are often look dirty, dim, and are considered dangerous. Fortunately, this perception is changing thanks to improved lighting techniques. A lot of energy is wasted lighting parking garages in areas where there is no traffic and at times where there is already significant natural lighting. If parking garages took advantage of motion sensors and timers, they could reduce the amount of time that lights are running. This may also increase the overall lifetime of the lights as well.

We specialize here at Eco-Green-Energy in helping you with a solution tailored to fit your needs. Our lighting solutions will not only improve your lighting significantly, but it will also decrease the amount of energy that you consume on a daily basis! Over time, the work will pay for itself with the money that you save. Don’t be satisfied with a dim, dirty looking garage. Contact us today to get a better solution and impact the environment in a more friendly way.

Open Air Parking Lot Solutions

Just like parking garages, outdoor parking lots can be considered dangerous at night. Safety and security should be of the utmost priority. The adequacy of outdoor lighting is an important factor in maintaining good security in parking lots and other outdoor areas. The inadequacy of exterior lighting has been the basis of many lawsuits alleging that the facility owner was negligent in providing a proper level of security.

A well lit parking lot may also help attract attention to businesses, thus bringing in more customers at night. By taking advantage of smarter lighting techniques, you can increase the lighting in the parking lot as well as decrease the energy used by these lights. Deciding how to light a parking lot adequately can be a tough task and it is best to have a lighting expert evaluate the situation. Here at Eco-Green-Energy, we are experts at coming up with lighting solutions. Contact us today.