Municipal Lighting Solutions

Street Lighting

Street lighting accounts for a major portion of a municipality’s energy bill and with budgets being under such scrutiny, it is time to address inefficient lighting. The need to upgrade street lighting from older, less energy-efficient technologies to scalable efficient systems can save taxpayers thousands of dollars. Projects to replace older lighting systems in the street and public spaces should be a top priority for Mayors, City Councils, and City Managers.

At Eco-Green-Energy, we are aware of your needs and have energy-efficient LED solutions that lower your total cost of ownership. LED lighting, with automatic controls and proper energy management applications will typically return 30-50 percent energy savings and significantly reduce your overall maintenance costs and improve the lighting quality in a community.
It is time to start planning your municipal lighting upgrades since you no longer can afford not to. It is the most opportune time to consider converting to LED street lighting and reap these other benefits:


  • Reduced LED costs: LED technologies have vastly improved in both light quality and cost. They are no longer out of reach for municipal budgeting.
  • Individual control: Individual lighting controls can further reduce operational cost and extend the life of the fixture.
  • Financial incentives: there are still many financial incentives available to offset the costs associated with converting to LED lighting.