Industrial & Commercial Lighting


Lighting an industrial environment is not always an easy task. In an environment where safety is a primary concern, proper lighting is important. There are a variety of options that need to be considered to effectively light an industrial environment. Warehouses, large machinery, or assembly industries may all need to be analyzed differently in order to provide efficient and adequate lighting. Efficient lighting will help reduce energy costs and heat caused from inefficient lighting. A well-lit environment may help increase worker productivity and safety.

Lighting an industrial environment is best if left to the lighting experts. Lighting experts can analyze an industrial environment and create a solution that is adequate, efficient, and economical for the situation. Here at Eco-Green-Energy, we are the lighting experts and have years of experience with creating energy efficient solutions. Our solutions’ savings outweigh the initial costs. Contact us today for a lighting solution that fits your needs.


Lighting in a commercial setting can be tricky, as there are many scenarios to take into consideration. If a business has many employees working, but no on-site interaction with customers or clients, then the lighting does not necessarily need to be pretty. It needs to be well-lit for higher productivity, efficient, and economical.

If the site has several customers or clients that visit the business, then the lighting needs to well-lit for employees to do their work and it needs to set a good mood for the customer or client. The business may need better lighting in areas with computers and paperwork, or they may need special lighting to attract customers to a certain area. Hiring lighting experts to do your commercial lighting might be a bit more expensive initially however, it will make your lighting more effective in the long run. Effective lighting is efficient, cheaper, allows employees to do their work, and sets a good mood for customers. At Eco-Green-Energy, we analyze your scenario and create a solution that best fits your needs. Contact us today to be your lighting experts.